Zumba Craze, Fun While Losing Weight

I haven’t been working out lately because, I don’t have the time and I really need a nanny just so I can easily do stuff like enrolling on a Aerobics class. I really wanted to try this popular fitness routine class that they call Zumba. I have been seeing status updates and tweets regarding Zumba classes and how fun it is. I really wanted to try it out.


First of all Zumba was founded by a Columbian dance choreographer Alberto Perez in the 1990, he incorporated latin dances as well as hiphop and other dance genre and formed it into a dance exercise. I looked at the Zumba videos and I was really laughing with excitement at what I’m seeing. It was really fun watching people dancing through fast paced music and incorporating, salsa, mambo, cumbia, flamenco, belly dancing and other different dance styles.

After seeing the video I might be doing it all wrong when I’m in an actual class because they dance so fast and to be honest I’m not a good dancer, let me rephrase that, I mean I am not a dancer. It might feel awkward and stupid at first. Though reading through different comments brought me hope, they say that the first time is really hard and sometimes you feel like your dying from the body pain due to the after effects of the dance class but you will really enjoy and love Zumba.

Just forget how bad you dance what’s important is that you are having fun and you might not know it but you have lost more calories just for the sake of having fun. I’m excited to try Zumba and if I can’t go to any classes I can always buy a DVD so that I can have one in the comfort of my home.

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