If they Were Bullied

being bullied

It is alarming to discover that many children are bullied by their peers. If an adult feels bad when someone takes advantage of them, imagine how a child feels when he is forced to do or give-up something. Most kids who are bullied suffer from depression, low self-esteem, and some develop substance abuse problems, or it may lead them to suicide. A study was conducted to better understand bullying; it shows that children are bullied because they fail to do the norm or what is socially accepted by other kids their age.

The real problem here is not with the kid being bullied but with the bully himself. He may be insecure and have family problems, and the only way he can take control of his life is through punishing other people. If you suspect your child is being bullied you need to talk to him and assure him that you will help and stay by his side. Talk to the members of the school faculty and the bully himself to put a stop to this. Doing so will help your child and the bully as well.

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