Common Summer Illnesses in Children and How to Avoid These

In most places in the country, heat waves and humidity are affecting how children play. Since children do not realize how heat affects their bodies, they continue to play and do not stop even when they need to. It is best to know the treatable options for these illnesses before they start or after they catch them. While you do not want your child to avoid having fun, you also want them to do it safely.

In places in the southwestern part of the U.S., temperatures are soaring to the low 100’s, even reaching 110 or more. Anything over 100 degrees means the sun is extremely strong and even though there is not so much humidity, the air is still thick and full of heat waves. It is important to keep children hydrated and cool. Even if they are hydrated, they can still get sunstroke and that means they have overheated and need to get out of the sun. Children will experience a high fever and even sudden exposure can cause heat stroke. This can be easily avoided as long as you regulate their time in the sun and teach them how important being hydrated and cool is.

boy pool

The trick to keeping a child cool in the summer is water play. While this is great for taking up lots of time and fun for them, it can be another cause of illness. Water-borne diseases like enteroviruses are caused by contaminated water, such as pools and lakes. The levels of chlorination are too low to block the diseases. The symptoms are upper-respiratory infection, vomiting, diarrhea and sometimes skin rashes. They clear up in a few days, but are easy to avoid if you know the area they are playing in or make sure they are wearing a swimsuit and shirt. E-coli is another sickness traced to contaminated water and even though it disappears with treatment, can be very painful.

For those children who have been diagnosed with asthma, summer is one of the seasons that can really spark an attack. There is a lot of air pollution and high pollen levels. Humidity also causes asthma attacks because it thickens the air. Since children are probably playing more sports in the summer, its key to have their medication on hand at all times. An asthma attack can not only be fatal, but is extremely time sensitive. Fast acting inhalers are usually best in the type of situation involving a small asthma attack.

By following these tips, it gives you a chance to prepare and alleviate the chances of your child becoming ill. These common summer illnesses can be easily avoided with the right prepping and knowledge of these heat related illnesses.

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