Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers

Today is a very special day to the entire daddy’s out there. Though Father’s day is celebrated in different dates in other countries, but the idea of the celebration is still the same, and that is honoring our fathers.


In the Philippines fathers are called differently depending on each family. I call my father “papa”, some will call their fathers tatay, itay, daddy, dada, dad, papang depending on each tribes and cultural influence. Celebrating fathers doesn’t really need to be expensive. I know some would take their dad to his favorite restaurant’s and buy him something expensive like a watch, or a branded shoes and clothes but we can show our love to them by dispensing little of our cash and more of our efforts.

Wake up early and do all dad chores, clean his car. Make him a hearty breakfast in bed while wishing him “Happy Father’s day”. Make an activity, do all the things that your father likes to do. Cook his favorite meal, chat with him; reminisce everything about him being a father, ask him what really being a father is like. Being a father has equal importance as mothers because he serves as our protective wall, he is steadfast though he may not be a nagger just like a mother but whenever a father discipline’s a child he sees to it that a child get his point. Let us honor our father for being great and for loving our mother.

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