Communicating with your Teenager

Are you a parent of a teen and having problem communicating with them? Teen years are very difficult to handle because at these stage your child is experiencing different changes in his body; both physical and emotional. Teens are self-centered; they always find their feelings important and therefore should not be taken for granted. Teens want independence, it’s alright to give them that but they should know that you are still in control. They should always know that there are limits to the freedom you are giving them.

I know being a parent of an adolescent can be hard to talk to. They usually find comfort with their peers. You should always keep a good relationship with your teen so that whenever they have a problem they can easily confide on you. It is better that a parent knows his/her child’s whereabouts instead of other people. Now if they don’t usually talk to you because they maybe shy, why not tell your kids to bring their friends over to your house. This way, you are able keep track if your child is with the right company.

It’s always nice to have time with your kids, try to go out with them and watch movie premiers or go out shopping and play the sports they love to play, and listen to the music they like listen. To be able to understand your child, accept and love the things they love. Parents tend to talk much and we expect that our kids should listen but parents must also know how to give their undivided attention. Teens struggle with their feelings, sometimes they just want their parents to keep their mouth shut and just listen to what they have to say.

Always acknowledge their achievements, celebrate the things that made them shine, reward their effort and forgive the wrong things they’ve done and above all love them for who they are.

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