Why I like Taylor Swift

I’m really not a Taylor Swift super fan but I like her songs. Her fame and popularity had rocketed ever since Kanye West ranted about her winning best female singer on MTV music awards. The country singer’s humility and cool reaction towards the incident gained her millions of fans, not only that she became popular with the boys, from; Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Harry of One Direction. These gorgeous boys were some of the men that she had dated and yes I admit I sure am jealous.

What’s not to like about her? She beautiful, she writes her songs, a Grammy winner, she sure can rock the guitar, girls idolize her. She can be flirtatious but never been trashy on her videos. I think despite of her fame, her brand of music didn’t change and so is her personality. She didn’t shed her good girl image just to be mature on a video.

If I were to have one wish granted and I would have to choose among these; to become a lawyer, wrote a number 1 New York Times best seller, or be Taylor Swift, I guess you won’t know it because I’ll be too shy to answer.

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