Maybe That Little Black Dress Isn’t Right for You

The little black dress is considered a classic. It’s supposed to look good on everyone and evoke images of Audrey Hepburn and other classic Hollywood beauties. For some women though, that little black dress really isn’t the best choice. If that’s you, you can probably tell because it makes you look washed out, sickly, or just out of place.

Fortunately, you aren’t cursed with never finding good fashion again. The basic premise of the little black dress is that it is a simple but elegant dress that is neutral in tone. You can try one of the other base colors to find one that will really make you look just as striking as Audrey Hepburn. Here are some of the basic neutrals that you might want to consider.

Dark Brown

A deep chocolate brown may be one of the more unusual choices when it comes to fashion neutrals, but it can be quite stunning. If you aren’t sure whether this is a color you can pull off, then you can try it on and get your friend’s opinions or you can take a risk and just rent a designer dress in chocolate brown to see how the night goes. Either way, if you can pull it off, you will stand out in a classy way while still evoking similar images to that of the little black dress.

This particular color tends to look better on individuals with warmer skin tones. If black makes you look yellow or red, then the brown is probably a better choice. If black makes you look whiter, then the chocolate brown won’t work. Remember though that for this to work in the classic sense, you need a dark chocolate brown. Chestnut brown and light brown won’t work. Mahogany brown might work in a pinch.

Deep Gray

A deep gray dress is another alternative for women who can’t quite pull of the stark black. This is a color that tends to look good on most women, although it is a definite must for women who are too washed out when they wear black. Try to find one with a cool rather than warm base. It looks particularly striking when paired with pink or red accessories. You will definitely stand out in this one, so be prepared for some turned heads. Just remember to keep the palette simple. The gray dress is not quite as forgiving with multiple colors and hues as black.


Indigo is another stunning choice when you’re wanting to stand out but still look classy and professional. The beauty with indigo is that it seems to change color ever so slightly if you purchase a gown in a high quality. It tends to work well on most skin colors, though it works particularly well with women who have more sallow tones. Just make sure that you don’t pair it with other dark accessories unless they match precisely. Otherwise, you’ll make it look tacky.


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