The Violin Story Of Stories

Growing up many musicians kids are taught from a young age are taught a certain instrument. The same was true for me as a youngster, I found myself at a very young age searching for the perfect instrument for me, even though I was not interested at all in playing any instruments. As time progressed I found some interest in playing the violin this instruments beauty paled in comparison to its melody. So I began to practice this instrument everyday, perfecting my craft and becoming a better violinist. After a few months my school had its first recital and recruited the best violinist that the school had to offer.

So I decided to try out and make my parents and school proud of me. A few hours before the recital started my violin strings snapped and I was completely frustrated. Downtrodden with no way to perform I thought about quitting, until my father gave me violin strings from musicians friend. This friend also knew how to fix violin as well as allowed me to borrow his for the performance. I was so grateful and thankful to him for giving me his violin. Needless to say the performance went great and I had an amazing time.

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