Pilates for Beginners – Don’t be Afraid!

Taking up the pilates fitness regime for the first time need not be such a frightening challenge. For a total body workout that utilises the connection between the mind and the body to strengthen and tone the muscles, pilates is an excellent choice. Widely viewed as a difficult form of exercise to master, pilates is not as daunting as it is commonly perceived to be. Also known as the Body Control Method, pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s and has withstood the test of time. It is now one of the most popular ways to gain and uphold maximum levels of fitness.

In order for the human body to perform to the best of its ability, the mind needs to be constantly tuned in to the postural alignment of the body and how the body moves. Poor posture leads to unnecessary muscle tension and subsequent aches and pains. The trick is to focus on keeping the body’s core perfectly aligned, thus strengthening muscles and achieving maximum fitness.

For beginners looking to lose weight, it is important to remember that pilates is not a cardiovascular workout. To lose weight as well as tone and strengthen the body, pilates sessions need to be combined with regular cardiovascular workouts.

A pilates workout involves performing various unhurried and controlled movements and holding and maintaining a series of stable positions. These slow, smooth exercises help to train the mind to focus on keeping perfect alignment and posture, and also assist in strengthening and toning the muscles to ultimately create a perfectly functioning body.

Pilates may sound difficult, but for those who commit to regular sessions the results are simply outstanding. For an astounding physique and those much-desired flat abdominal muscles, pilates is definitely the way to go.

Pilates classes are very common, and many leisure centres and gyms will have beginners sessions within their fitness schedules. You can either find classes at your local gym which may or may not be open to non-members or look for pilates classes like the one’s organised by GoMammoth which take place in local leaisure centres and schools. Attending pilates classes is a good way to start learning the basics.

An experienced instructor will help to explain the main principles of the regime, and will demonstrate how to carefully time and control breathing, concentrate on posture and take up the necessary positions to stabilise the body’s core. Whilst many good self-tuition aids exist such as books and DVDs, classes are more beneficial as the instructor’s goal is to help people perform to the best of their ability and make corrections and suggestions when necessary. Remember that the exercises may seem hard to master at first, but practice really does make perfect and with regular sessions the movements and positions will become easier and greater control can be achieved. Set realistic goals, be positive yet patient, and try out pilates to achieve outstanding physical results and a strong, sculpted figure.


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