5 Unusual Wedding Favour Ideas

Bored of the usual chocolate or sugared almond wedding favours? Want to give your guests something that will make them remember your wedding as the wedding of the century? Gift them one of the unusual wedding favours below and they’ll still be talking about your wedding for years to come. You could even get in touch with a wedding planner, such as Collection 26 to help you take the stress of planning the finer details.

Edible Favours

Edible favours are a lovely idea, but chocolate hearts and sugared almonds have already been done to death. If you want to give your guests edible favours, make them elegant. Not willing to give up the chocolate favours? Get your initials engraved onto chocolate lollies. Huge fan of sweeties? Try some artisan boiled sweeties in flavours like elderflower or redcurrant. Other great edible favours include toffees and even miniature bottles of champagne or liquor.

Foodie Favours

Foodie favours are a great way to ensure that your guests remember your wedding for years to come – particularly if you get them something that can be used everyday. Engraved wooden spoons, cookie cutters, miniature graters, personalised tea towels, salt and pepper shakers and even unique artisan teabags are all great gifts, suitable for every guest.

Green Favours

Give the gift of renewal with a green-fingered favour. Personalised packets of seeds are a unique yet elegant favour that every guest will enjoy – give away seeds that will grow into the flowers at your wedding, or try evergreen seeds that will come back year after year. Opt for bright and elegant flowers – lilies are always a wonderful choice, as are roses and climbing plants. Other green-fingered gifts include pots of herbs, cacti, bonsai trees and even miniature apple or pear trees.

Home Favours

Pretty yet personalised favours for the home are always a great choice. Candles are an elegant option – choose either unscented candles, or subtle scents that won’t override other scents that your guests may have in their homes. You could also opt for candles that have the same scent as your flowers, or that evoke memories of your wedding venue – for example, if your venue is outdoors, you might want to choose a fresh, outdoorsy scent with a hint of pine. Elegant murano glass is always a great choice, too – try murano keyrings, wine stoppers and even coasters.

Beauty Favours

Handbag staple beauty favours will go down a treat at any wedding. Personalised lipsticks are ideal for female guests, but just make sure that you choose a fairly neutral, rosy colour. Lip balms, glosses and organic products like mascara or day cream are also great choices, while a pretty or personalised compact mirror will always work well. As for men, try miniature bottles of cologne or small tubs of moisturiser.

Make your favours extra-special by either personalising them, or by attaching a personalised tag or message.  It’s also a great idea to tie your favours into your theme –  for example, if you’re going for shabby chic, hand-tie your boxes or bags with some floral ribbon, or if you have a specific colour theme in mind, choose favours that tie in with your theme.

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