5 Stress-Busting Solutions for New Mums

Being a new mum can be super stressful, and although it would be lovely if we could all take a spa day every weekend or a vacation each month, most of us just have to get on with the business of being a mum without taking much of a break. We’ve come up with 5 quick-fix stress-busting solutions that you can take advantage of, allowing you to relax and ultimately, to become a happier and less stressed mum.

Give Yourself a Break

Expecting yourself to be switched on all the time is bad news for everyone – you, your partner and your baby. If you’re constantly doing something for everyone else, without ever taking any time out for yourself, you’ll quickly become resentful of your current situation. Resentment is an emotion that children can pick up on, so try to give yourself a break at least once a day for just 15 minutes where you aren’t doing something for anyone else. Over time, your habits will change and you’ll come to realise that taking a little time for yourself isn’t selfish – it’s actually essential.

Embrace Oils

Oils are the new buzzword in skincare and haircare and with good reason – they provide intensive results in little time and they also smell divine. Take out just 60 seconds to massage your face with a face oil such as this one by Ila. It’ll stimulate blood flow, making you look brighter and more awake, while the scent will help to relax you.

Prioritise and Clear Out

Prioritising what needs to be done from what doesn’t actually need to be done can be difficult for any new mum, but if you actually manage to do it, you could find that you have a lot more spare time to focus on actually enjoying your new baby. Think about your cleaning standards. Do you always need to have a spotless home? Are you hoarding baby clothes? Stocking up on baby products that you haven’t used? Prioritise what needs to be done and set aside the things that don’t actually have to be done right this second – and clear out. Get rid of what you don’t need and give it away to those who do – reducing the amount of stuff that you need to do and that you need to sort out is a superb stress-buster.

Get Outdoors

Just being outside will make you feel happier and less stressed. When you’re out in the daylight, it activates your body’s natural sleep/wake rhythm – meaning that you feel more awake throughout the day, and more sleepy and able to sleep at night. Being outdoors in the daylight also boosts the production of serotonin, which is a hormone that will make you feel happier and more content. Get outside by pushing your baby in a pushchair to the local shops, meet your girlfriends in the park or just park your car a little further away from the supermarket so you and your baby have further to walk. Even if you only get a little bit of daylight, it’s much better than none at all!

Use Relaxation Techniques

A quick look on the internet will provide you with a whole host of speedy relaxation techniques that will instantly make you feel less stressed. Meditation is an excellent technique – just focus on your breath and the way that breathing deeply feels, and repeat a calming phrase to yourself. The phrase will move your attention away from your negative emotion towards a more positive emotion. Another tip is to use an accupressure press on the indentation in the centre of the breastbone. Use your index fingers to gently press on the area, breathing deeply, for up to 1 minute. You’ll feel calmer and the pressure will move your attention away from the negative emotions you may be feeling.

Above all, reach out and ask for help if you need it. Your family, friends, partner, health visitor and other mums from your local mum and baby group will be able to offer help and advice if you just ask for it.

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