Supplements Manly Men Should be Taking

Work, hobbies, and family take the center stage in manly men’s life. This leads them to neglect the status of their health. Of course majority of them exercise to have a fit body and dwell on nutrition to maintain it, however, taking additional supplements is essential in making sure that they are getting the daily dose of the right vitamins. Read on to learn about the supplements that real men should be taking.


Men are all about the lean muscle, so they exercise 3 or 4 times a week to achieve this. As they grow old, it would be harder for them to maintain this type of body, even if they spend majority of their time exercising. Creatine helps by increasing the ability of the body to store an adequate amount of ATP. In simpler terms, men who take this together with their food or protein shakes are able to exercise more and build muscle while they are at it.


Prostate cancer is one of the things that scare men, even the tough ones. With that in mind, it is important to take a supplement containing Boron because men who don’t are more likely to develop a prostate cancer. Hazel nuts, almonds, and raisins are good sources of Boron, however, to get the right amount of 3 mg. daily, taking it in a form of supplement is a must.


Men who lack selenium in their diet may end up with fertility or heart problems. Different foods have this because it is originally found in soil, but sometimes this is eliminated from the food source because of poor soil condition so drinking a supplement that contains this is advisable. Be careful though, 200mcg is the recommended dosage and not adhering to it may lead to toxicity.

Some men tend to think that because they are hitting the gym often, or they do not feel any ailments, then they are automatically healthy. However, that is not always true because their body needs more to function at its best. Taking the right supplements everyday together with exercise and proper diet is the key to maintaining a healthy body and mind so this should not be forgotten.

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