How does Healthy Living Prevent Depression and Other Mental Illnesses?

Your boss is yelling at you.  Your kids are going crazy.  Your head is aching.  You haven’t slept well in what feels like days and your bank balance is on alert for low funds.

The stress of life is real.

Stress happens to everyone at some point and many times, it can eat at the very core of you, whether you realize it or not.  Stress – especially persistent stress that continues to weigh on you day after day – can have true adverse health effects including cognitive impairment, weakened immune systems, increased weight, and hormonal or sugar imbalances.  In addition, stress can be felt by others around you, even your kids.

As humans, we’re only able to work so hard before our bodies demand a break.   But did you know that when you’re facing stress or even burnout, healthy living can be a real asset? It allows you to stay strong and combat depression or the mental uneasiness that happens as a result of the demands you’re under. While depression and other mental illnesses can many times be unpreventable, there are some ways to help prevent depressed moods, including health insurance or private health cover which provides you with regular checkups that can detect early warning signs for depression or mental health issues.

However, health living, including proper diet, exercise, and focusing on taking regular vacations and time to relax, are great ways to help avoid depression from taking hold. Take a step back and look at how you can start living a healthier lifestyle. What does living healthier look like to you?  Does it mean cutting back on fatty, greasy snacks or dinners?  Does it mean exercising more? Or does it mean simply carving more time out of the day for yourself to relax and find time for activities that you enjoy?

Do things outside of the office or home that energize you and help you recharge.   Make sure you take regular vacations, start incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet (natural energy boosters), and dig deep to determine what triggers stress or burnout in your life.

Take time for yourself. Your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing is worth it!

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