Cigar For The Chocolate Lover

I always had a thing for sweets, especially chocolate. Who can resist that smooth, luscious, delectable treat that slowly melts in your mouth? Maybe that is the reason why people love to call me Willy Wonka, or Charlie for that matter. Anyway, my sister is having a baby shower, and since I’m one of the people in charge of preparations, I decided to incorporate none other than chocolate cigars for the party.

It’s an excellent choice since women love chocolate, and majority of the guests are girls. Also, it won’t alienate the male guest because the design is that of a cigar, complete with box and stickers. It would be a win-win situation not only for the guests and my sister’s family, but also for me since I totally love anything chocolate. It’s a unique party favor that no one will be able to refuse. I hope she has another child soon so I can purchase one again.

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