Protecting Your Business with Employee Phone Monitoring

High tech theft of the intellectual property of companies is becoming more and more prevalent in this day and age. To combat this, companies have started to take action to prevent the crime taking place. They have started to monitor employee actions to see if there is any activity that could lead to the loss of company information, which therefore, harms the business or gives competitors the advantage in the market.

In the past, when companies have provided their employees with smart phones, there has been no way to monitor employee actions on these phones. Those people could have been giving away company secrets and the company would have no way to trace the information. However, with advances in modern technology, there is now a piece of software that enables the employer to monitor the usage of these smart phones.

What is this Software?

This software is called mspy and it allows companies to monitor employee smart phones.

It looks for things like personal calls that could cost the company a lot of money and traces any abuse of company property. It also allows for companies to have access to any incoming or outgoing calls, any text messages or emails and it monitors any websites that are accessed via the smart phone.

When is it Important to Monitor the Phones?

When an employee becomes disgruntled, they are more likely to steel company information as a form of revenge. If an employee has been fired for their behavior, or they have a new job with a competitive company then it is important to monitor their cell phone usage immediately because this too, makes them more likely to steal data.

Is it legal?

It is legal to monitor the usage of company mobile phones because the company retains ownership of the phone. However, to prevent being accused of entrapment and reducing the risk of the theft happening in the first place, it is prudent that the employees are made aware that their actions will be monitored at all times.

You can program the app to notify you if certain keywords have been mentioned or typed in, and you can monitor any pictures taken with the phones in case the employees are taking pictures of sensitive information and sending them on to the competition.

Monitoring an employees company phone is the right of any company in order to protect themselves against data theft or the abuse of usage (ie expensive phone bills).

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