5 tips for always on the go Mothers

As a busy mother of a toddler I have learned a few things that help keep some order in the otherwise chaos of always being on the go.

The Diaper bag-

Keep it stocked with items like safe and small toys that your children can play with. Stock it with some lightweight books your kids can read on the ride to an errand or while waiting at an appointment. You can have them tell you the story if you are not able to read to them.

Other important things you may need in a pinch, gloves, wipes, kleenex, hand sanitizer, most viruses have been proven to be killed within seconds with this magical gel. Slather it on your and your children’s hands after trips to the store, the park or any crowded place where germs prevail to get rid of those nasty bugs

In the car-

Keep an extra outfit in the care for you and your children, including diapers or underwear and nonperishable snacks. An extra towel and blanket are good for a variety of uses. You never know what spill may occur and in a spare set of clothes is good to have on hand in case of emergency.

It is also good advice to have flares, and a jumper cable, just in case of a break down.


A snack may not only pacify your little ones bellies, it can also be a lifesaver for you. Bring juices with straws or take and toss cups for water and juice to help avoid spills. It is a good idea to avoid bringing food that melts, like chocolate, as it can make a mess you may be trying to avoid. To keep foods cool on hot days, pack a cooler with an ice pack to keep in the trunk.


While in the car or at the store play games with your children. Ask them to tell you the colors of the cars driving by. Older children can identify numbers or letters on license plates. Have them recognize pictures on Billboards. In the store, have them do the same, work on letter and word recognition. Older children can help you shop by comparing prices, this also teaches them some great math skills.


Being on the go with my toddler can be trying at times. Tantrums can happen. Depending on a child’s age this can be the only way they are expressing themselves. I have learned to be clear before going into a store, especially a store with toys, letting my child know if we are buying something or not. It is a good lesson for them to learn that money has value. It is also a good idea to give children transition time, letting them know when you are leaving an aisle or the store. If they really like something you are not going to get them, explain why. Maybe they have a lot at home, or maybe a holiday or birthday is coming up and it can go on a list.


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