Projector Mounts And Their Purpose

The purpose of projector mounts is to keep expensive equipment safe from damage and reduce the chance of theft. Many sites and shops are offering projector mounting brackets with model-specific or universal mounting patterns for wall or ceiling installation. You can add audio upgrades, escutcheon rings or adjustable extension columns for a customized installation. UNI series projector mounts are also available under UNI Products .

When it comes to dedicated projector mounts , the model-specific mounts are specifically engineered for hard-to-mount projectors, offering custom hole patterns for particular projection equipment. For the universal project mounts most models feature integrated security, included mounting plates and adjustable drop length. You should use mount accessory bundles like supplies for wall and ceiling installations or accessories like ceiling plates, extension columns and projector mount adapters. You can keep your projector in just the right spot with mount adapters, joist spanners and false ceiling plates designed to hold almost any projector.

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