Raised by a Single Parent

Divorce is very common nowadays, some parents do not realize that while this may be a good decision for them, their child might be left feeling confused and hurt. Some children feel like it is their fault why their parents chose to part ways. There are a lot of things why this happened but a child may not understand this easily. The issue with who gets to keep who is also a major factor for confusion, a child may be angry and feel like this is a game his parents are using to hurt him intentionally.

To avoid these ill feelings from your child, make him see that even if you are now separated from your husband or wife you will still continue to love him unconditionally. Participate in school activities for parents so your child will not feel left out. You can also meet your child’s friends and make them see that you are cool so they will be more accepting of your kid. These are small steps that will lead to your child’s happiness even if he is raised by a single parent.

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