6 Fun Day Out Ideas to Suit Any Family

Fresh out of ideas for family days out? Parents don’t spend enough time with their children, thanks to their busy lifestyle. Make time for a family-orientated day. These different options promise a fantastic trip for everyone.

Warwick Castle

There’s no castle as fun-packed and child-friendly as Warwick. Brave the castle dungeon which is packed with actors playing gruesome characters from history. The dungeon itself dates back to 1345, and has seen everything from the plague to the infamous Witches of Warwick. In the grounds, you can see the world’s largest trebuchet replica – Warwick Castle still uses it to this day for displays.

Chatsworth House

Voted the UK’s most loved country house on numerous occasions, Chatsworth has a lot to offer families looking for a fun day out. With over thirty decadent rooms to explore, art lovers will enjoy one of the best collections in Europe. Children can work off some steam in the extensive adventure playgrounds or pet farm animals. The gardens are stunning and make for a lovely afternoon stroll.


Made famous as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, Ironbridge is home to Blists Hill Victorian Town. Step back in time when you visit this recreated Victorian settlement and find out more about Victorian life. Thought the shilling was dead? Go to the Victorian bank and exchange your notes for ye olde currency.

You can take home traditionally baked bread from the bakery, undergo some interesting remedies in the Victorian pharmacy, relish Victorian sweets in the sweetshop, and dress up in Victorian clothes to have your very own portrait taken by the photographers.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make candles, you can witness these time old skills first-hand in the Candle Factory, as well as make your own! Tired on your feet? Hop on the horse and cart around the town.

Jorvik Viking Centre

From the Victorians to the Vikings, Jorvik Viking Centre is built upon Viking-age streets. Experience Viking life for yourself and take part when the centre is running events, such as the Strongman Challenge for Children and the Festival Combat Arena. Do you have the Viking blood in you? Find out at Jorvik Viking Centre.

Oakwood Theme Park

Forget Alton Towers, Oakwood Theme Park offers rides for all ages, from high powered, wooden Megafobia to the 100 foot, vertical drop of Drenched. Attractions include Spooky 3D and Treetops Coaster. Even rollercoaster-haters will have a fun day at Oakwood Theme Park.

Lllancaiach Fawr Manor

Rich in history, this fortified manor has been kitted out in 17th century style. The gardens are a wonderful place for a wander and house exciting events throughout the year. Voted one of the most haunted places in the UK, it’s likely that you’ll meet one of the resident ghosts at Llancaiach Fawr.

The 19th century housekeeper, Mattie, is well known, and the rustle of her petticoats is often heard in the bedchamber where she died tragically (but no-one can say for certain how) – people have been known to leave her room in tears. Alternatively, you may feel a mischievous tug of the sleeve or hair – or a small hand in yours – from the little boy who fell to his death.

This is a collaborative post written by Zoe, an enthusiastic and experienced lifestyle blogger from the UK. She has written and researched this post for Knowsley Safari Park. With such a big family around her, Zoe is familiar with planning and organising fun family experiences that everyone will enjoy, even her 1-year-old nephew!

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