Cancer the Silent Killer

Cancer refers to continuous growth of malignant cells in the body. In most cases the growth of the cells cannot be controlled. When the cells grow very fast and fail to die, a person will be diagnosed with cancer. It can affect almost all parts of the body with exception of nails, teeth and hair. Therefore, there are many types of cancers for instance, breast, skin, lung, throat, bone and prostate cancer. The major causes of cancer are exposed to chemicals such as mercury, excess consumption of alcohol, obesity, genetically modified food stuff, smoking and too much exposure to sunlight.

The common symptoms of cancer vary from one type to another though generally they include, weight loss, loss of appetite, change in skin color, swearing at night, fatigue, and colds. The major tests include, biopsy, blood tests, x-rays, complete blood count, CT and MRI to know the position of cancer in the body, stage of cancer and the type. The treatment of cancer depends on the type and stage of cancer and they include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Screening test for cancer is important because it enables one to detect cancer at an early stage to allow treatment. It can be prevented in the following ways, regular exercise, eating healthy food, avoid smoking, reduce exposure to chemicals, avoid alcohol usage and keep fit.

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