Know Your Risk for Heart Disease

While you are young, it is important to know the risk factors of heart disease so you can stop this from happening to you. You are not a vibrant young man forever, and sooner or later if you do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle you will feel something in your body. Heart disease is very dangerous, and every year thousands of people die because of it.

Men are most commonly affected by this, and majority of them are older than 65. Family history also poses as a huge risk factor, ask your parents about this so you will be more aware. Having a high blood pressure is not good, but you can lower this by reducing your stress and avoiding bad cholesterol. Smokers are more susceptible to acquiring it; even people who inhale secondhand smoke may be in danger. If you do not want this disease you still have an option, live healthy and stay away from things that can be bad for you.

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