The Eclectic and Breathtaking Sakura in Japan

Japan is a very historic nation. Who can ever forget its participation in World War 2 and how the Nagasaki and Hiroshima Bombing doomed it in 1945? These series of attacks signaled the end of the World War. But what is more gleaming than the massive destruction is how Japan rebuilt its country to becoming an economic and technological superpower that it is right now. Another beautiful thing about the Land of the Rising Sun is the set of their festivals. A personal favorite is the Sakura or Cherry Blossom Festival.

The breathtaking sight of the flowers of perhaps all the colors you can vividly imagine. The smell of the fresh air rejuvenates the soul. The entire country is just full of bliss. The only thing that you should be prepared of is the cold weather. It is super cold you could wish you could just purchase an electric pool heaters at Pool Supply Unlimited that easily.

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