More than the Plastic You See

We’ve seen landscapers unroll bundles of black plastic onto flower beds before they place the first flower, but most people fail to realize just how important plastic sheeting is when disasters hit. Anytime disaster strikes, the biggest issue that first responders and humanitarian aid workers have to face is what to do with the people that have been displaced by the event, be it a flood, a tsunami, an earthquake, or hurricane. This is where the sheeting comes in as it’s versatility allows it to be used to address the needs of the people that have been displaced. The material can be used to build shelter structures, aid in rainwater harvesting, store and dry foods, and make Cholera beds.

No domestic home should ever be without one or two tarps as they can be used to temporarily fix a leaky roof, provide instant shelter from the sun, and in the case of a power outage during a winter storm, the little miracle workers can be used to help retain body heat.

A drop cloth is a must have for any car or homeowner. Sure we use them to cover our floors and our furniture when we paint, but many gardeners use the ones made from polyethylene plastic to protect their plants from early frosts. If you are thinking about throwing a party for your favorite little person, these plastic cloths can be placed as barriers on floors and tables to avoid cleaning the massive mess that your guests leave behind.

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