Balance Work and Life

Yes, we need to work to earn a living. But what if your work starts to take away your life? It means no party, no happy time, no relaxation at all. That’s awful, right? So take note of these guidelines and stop worrying about attaining work and life balance.

Start by giving yourself at least 10 to 15 minutes of break. Even it was a long and tiring day, one can still surely devote time to rest himself. Just calm your mind, imagine happy events in your life, and think about the things you love the most.

Then, determine the nonnegotiable things in your life. Let’s say you only have weekends to spend with your family. Give that time just for them. Don’t accept calls from work or don’t even think about work when you are at home.

Lastly, remind yourself of the main goal why you are working hard now. Is it for your kids or for your parents? When you think of your inspirations as you work, you wouldn’t feel as much pressure since you want to aim big for the important people in your life.

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