Kids and Extra-Curricular Activities

Parents always want the best for their kids. And sometimes, with all the rigors of schoolwork, parents often think that there is no more time for the kids to do extra-curricular activities after the long hours in school. There is, there should be and extra-curricular activities should be encouraged.

Extra-curricular activities gives the kids the time to have fun, do what they enjoy doing and at the same time, learn valuable life skills. These are also opportunities to interact with their peers. Eventually, getting them into extra-curricular activities train them how to manage their time and how to juggle school, family and non-school activities.

How do parents and kids manage extra-curricular activities?

  • First, let the kids know that it is important that they do well in school before any after-school activity.
  • Second, parents can introduce a variety of activities for the child. In this way, the kids can assess what caught his or her interest more.
  • Third, parents should always have the time to check how the kids are doing with both schoolwork and after-school activity.
  • Fourth, make family meals a time to learn more about how kids are doing in school and how they are enjoying their extra-curricular activities.

Extra-curricular activities really help in developing well-rounded kids. But when you see that these are not doing good for his or her studies, then it is time to cut back on these.


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