Reasons to Quit Smoking Today

One can’t deny this truth that smoking always convey negative outcomes. There are countless explanations available to quit your smoking habit from today.

There are couples of life threatening diseases mainly come through smoking such as lung cancer, stroke and heart attacks etc. Stopping smoke in a day is not possible but if you will try to be aware about above life threatening diseases then you will probably decreases your smoking frequency that might lead to quit smoking. However, forget about all serious diseases which are life threatening. There are also couples of harmful outcome may arise for the habit of smoking. Here just three physical problems are presented for your consideration. One of the physical problems is for a man that is erectile dysfunction. It has found from several studies that most of the smokers suffer with erectile dysfunction. Just think how bad it is for a man! Another problem is for women specially while pregnancy. The women who smoke during the period of pregnancy will have to face lots of risk for their upcoming child; such as sudden infant death syndrome, premature baby or bring several physical defects for the baby.

We all know about asthma as many peoples suffer with it. This disease sometimes leads a person to a life risk situation. This may attack you for any other reasons but the most usual reason is smoking. Smokers suffer more commonly with asthma than the non-smokers people. Whatever the reasons to quit smoking today, quitting smoke mainly depends on your self-help. If you truly want to quit smoking and believe it yourself as well, then it will not be a tough job for you.

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