Walls of Doubt and Despair

Janet and I do not get along. Ever since I can remember things have not been easy between us. People say it’s normal for a mother and daughter not to get along especially when the child is in her teens, but I am an adult now and it’s still the same.

I am an only child and people expect that I am spoiled rotten. On the contrary, I envy my cousins who grew up with each other. I was always the odd one out and as much as I tried to fit in, they had their own siblings to play with. What’s even crazier is that I do not look like my parents. There are some tiny hints that I am their daughter but at first glance, no one would see the resemblance. I used to joke that they just found me abandoned somewhere but in the back of my mind I have doubts. Maybe I should get a dna testing kit to find out once and for all who I really am.

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