Top Medical Apps: A Health Expert

Can a Smartphone reduce the chance of Cancer? SkinVision, an app which observes skin for moles and monitors exposure against harmful UV rays. All you need to do is click an image of yours and you get your complete skin analysis. There are more than 40,000 medical apps available now. Scientists are planning for such apps where even if you cough on your phone, it could find the reason behind it. While some consider these health apps a good thing, others called encouragement to invite worry due to self claimed imaginary health issues. Here is a list of some of the latest medical apps

 Carbs & Cals

It is an app available on iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones. It is especially for those people who want to manage their diet including diabetic problem. It encloses a list of more than 2,000 images of food and drink items revealing its fats, fibers, calories and carbs. You can find out exactly how much carb you should take in every day. It is a great way to stay slim and maintain your diabetes level.

Instant Heart Rate by Azumio

The app measures your heart rate by just placing the tip of your finger on the camera of the iPhone. You can view the result in the form of graph too. The app informs you about your heart rate whether it is beating within the range or not. It is especially designed to check your heart rate while exercising. It helps in maintaining an accurate pulse rate.

NHS Direct

This app is like having a doctor in your pocket. It offers advice on self care, on screen aid and instruction on bites, scalds, bites, shocks, sex related issues or swallowed objects. It is fantastically a free resource with evidence based advice, without sitting at the computer.


It traces your daily UV exposure as per the location and observes moles via images sent with the help of a Smartphone Camera. It is developed by cooperative effort of computer scientist, dermatologist and computer scientists. It is important for spreading awareness about moles and risks involved with UV exposure.

Specsavers Sight Check

It is a free app for eye sight testing which consists of holding the phone from a distance at arm’s length, in order for the test your reading abilities or letters. Separate tests are conducted for each eye. The app has the basic features of eye testing and meant to test one eye at a time.


It consist of a six minute procedure for conducting a hear loss test. The process consists of plugging in the earphones and listening sounds at varying decibel standards. It is a simple and convenient app and detects your hearing problems. It is available for free on iPad Touch and iPhone. It holds questionnaire for people who want to acquire more knowledge about hearing loss.

Vision Test

It consists of a series of tests which analyses the sharpness of your vision, color vision, duochrome and astigmatism. The results are easy to understand.

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Sachin, the author of this post has written many posts on technology and health. He is a full time writer and loves to write guest posts for different blogs. He has also written much on insurance cover for gadgets. If you are a smartphone owner and are still not using medical apps then go for them today and make your life simple and healthy.


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