Healthy Breakfasts

As the saying goes, “Eat like a king for breakfast, like a prince for lunch and like a pauper for dinner.” This simple means that, if there’s one meal that should be the heaviest, it should be breakfast.

But wait, this does not mean that for breakfast to be heavy, you have to indulge in pancakes, bacon, ham, hotdogs and eggs. While protein should be part of the diet, moderation is the key. Also, be careful of eating too much processed foods as they pose higher risks to indigestion and cancer.

Below are some healthy breakfast recipes you can try:

Cereals are one of the easiest to prepare. Be critical also of sugar content. Avoid cereals that contain 40% or more of sugar. Also, skip the added preserved fruits which are also sugary.

Tofu is so healthy in calcium. With scrambled egg, put in some onions, green pepper, mushroom, tomatoes, light soy and stir-fry with olive oil. Best to eat this with brown rice or whole-wheat bread.

Mix some apples, banana, grapes, oranges and cantaloupe.

Granola and Yogurt Combination

Eating breakfast also helps maintain or lose weight. Those who skip breakfast tend to snack on quick, fatty, high-calorie foods or overeat during lunch. Breakfast eaters typically make it until lunch while high on energy.

Morning meals should be eaten with hope and also gratitude for another wonderful day. And the   way to take your breakfast is the healthy way.

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