Fiber Foods To Prevent Chronic Diseases

Have you eaten a fiber today? If not, you are inviting some chronic diseases in your body. In most nations where food staples are vegetables, whole grains and variety of fruits, talking about fiber would be an effort to an individual. We find the linkages that fiber foods can prevent underlying diseases that may occur at some times such as diverticulosis of the colon, diabetes and cancer especially colon cancer. And yes, believe it or not, even heart disease, the kind that comes with high-cholesterol and clogged coronary arteries.

Fiber comes in several packages. There is some that we can find in legumes like beans of all kinds, peas and garbanzos and grains like rice, oats, corn and apples. We can also find in the fleshy portions of the apples and pears, in prunes and carrots. These cut were also intended to reduce heart diseases and cholesterol levels.

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