Effective Parenting

Parents desire to have a family that is healthy and happy. More than that, parents desire to have kids that grow up respectful, God-fearing and hardworking. However, demands of work and the rigors of the fast-changing society pose hazards that now make parenting difficult and challenging.

Effective parenting requires the right attitude and skills. Parenting gurus share that some skills on positive parenting include learning to speak in their language, understanding them at their level and showing them unconditional love. These can be equated to having good communication skills. To a child, it may be manifested through controlling the tone and volume of your voice, being conscious of the words you say and being aware of your body gestures. With these gestures, children will feel more respect and more love.

Keeping it light in parenting is also helpful. Humor is also found out to be a key in successful discipline. Not only does it break negative feelings of the child but humor also destresses the parents.

It’s never too late to apply positive parenting but starting this early to toddlers better the odds of instilling appropriate behavior patterns and building better relationships with your children. Parenting is such a rewarding experience that I guess no parent would trade for.

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