The Secret to Being Beautiful

Girls would always do anything for the sake beauty. It gives them a sense of satisfaction. To be absolutely stunning in front of the mirror and most especially in front of people both familiar and strangers alike, gives them confidence. Why not? To be complimented with words like; “Girl you look gorgeous!”, or just a simple “wow!” from others would really flatter you and boost your spirits to look more and more dazzling. But what are the secret ingredients of becoming beautiful?

First it must start with oneself; you must learn to appreciate your own beauty. Love your own self and believe that you’re beautiful. Believing will lift your spirit and you’ll bloom. Next is to prep up your skin by exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and moisturize it to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Also protect it using sunscreen. Work out! Exercising daily gives you vigor and crank up your blood flow, it burns excess calories and it’s also good for your heart. Eat healthy and get enough sleep to renew you worn out cells. And last but not least, remove stress by having sex. Regular sex can actually make you healthy. Our body release endorphin a chemical that helps you feel happy thus reduces stress, making you healthier. Just remember these few things and you’ll be looking beautiful in no time.

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