Prevent Skin Disasters

I started having pimples on my face when I was twelve. I understand that pimples result from poor hygiene, hormonal changes during puberty, stress and the like. But isn’t it very annoying if one morning, you just wake up and find a bump or bumps on your face? At my age (I’m now twenty-six), having pimples seem unbelievable. As a nurse, I am pro good hygiene. Definitely, I’m way past my puberty and I’m not stressed at all. So why do I have these pimples? I might have been using the wrong items on my face.

Then I consulted a dermatologist for the right Skin Care Products. I learned that our skin uniquely has needs different from others. She showed me the right Acne Products to be used for my skin type. She said that one has to be careful in choosing these products for instead that they help prevent acne, wrong move could result to a worse condition. Also, she suggested that I use a product to reduce the emergence of Age Spots. This product makes the skin clear and evens the skin tone.

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