Amped up!

My bandmates and I have been looking for a good guitar amplifier for weeks. Then one night I came across peavey in the Internet. I learned that it is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of audio equipments. The company offers a wide variety of musical equipments and their guitar amps are the most notable. I contacted every music store in the city but none of them has the particular amp in stock. Fortunately, one shop told us that they have requested the guitar amp that we need from a manufacturer in the US. We just have to wait for two weeks.

Last Tuesday it came and was delivered to us. We opened the package and immediately tested it. The quality of sound was superb! It’s so clear that we felt like we can have a concert anywhere outside our music room, in front of a thousand cheering fans. It was sold to us at $600. It was worth every penny. Next stop, mixer.

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