Foods to Gain Weight

Healthy Foods to Gain WeightIt is commonly heard that people want to lose weight irrespective of however thin they are. But, have you ever heard of someone saying they want to gain weight! Yes there are people out there who want to put on weight. Proper diet and exercise not just help people reduce weight but it also helps in gaining weight. Let us see some common foods that are not high in calories but help gain weight.

  1.  Tuna: Tuna has fatty acids that not just help in gaining weight but also in maintaining a healthy body.
  2. Eggs: Whole eggs help in gaining weight because of their cholesterol content and Vitamin A, D and E and a whole lot of protein.
  3. Cheese: This is another good source through which people can gain weight. One serving of cheddar cheese has about 69 calories!!
  4. Pasta: This is a high carbohydrate cereal is a healthy as well as a high calorie meal.
  5. Bananas: One banana contains approximately 100 kilo calories. They are filled with carbohydrates and are also very nutritious.
  6. Potatoes: They contain complex sugars as well as carbohydrates. For gaining weight the best way to consume them are either grilling or baking them.

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