Identifying Cheating Spouses

cheating spouses smelled something different
If one suspects the spouse of cheating, the following signs should be observed before running into conclusions. When you tell them ‘I love you’, they will always respond ‘I know or I like you’. They use weird names or save them as mum, dad to hide their identity. Some of them freaks receiving calls near their spouses and sometimes hide in the bathrooms or walk outside to receive the calls.

When he or she no longer feels comfortable to walk with you in public places can also indicate that he or she is seeing someone else. Receiving calls at weird times of the night especially after midnight from a person of the opposite sex should arouse your suspicion. The frequent excuse of working late or going on business or official trips by a spouse is also a sign. Another point to consider is when he or she demands for a break, this can indicate that he is confused on choosing between you and the other secret partner.

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