Exciting Foods for Kids

How do you deal with picky eaters? Do you always find leftover food in your kids’ snack/lunch boxes? Then it’s high time to infuse some life in your packed foods, without of course compromising your child’s nutrition and health.

Here are some tried-and-tested tips from mommies and home makers:

Prepare brown rice burger patties that are loaded with vegetables. Its color and texture are comparable to regular burger patties and may even taste better. You can prepare the patties ahead of time and just store them in the freezer.

Use a variety of breads for sandwiches. You can use baguettes or focaccia. These are readily available in the groceries.

If you have leftover vegetables and meat, use them in making fried rice (cooked like Shanghai rice). Pack some chopsticks, the kids might want to have that feel of Chinese way of eating. Do include spoon and fork in case your kids might have difficulties in using the chopsticks.

Have them eat do-it-yourself pizzas. Pack mini pizza crusts found in groceries and place toppings in small, separate containers. You can have shredded cheese, ham and pineapple for toppings.
Surprise them with color-coded snacks. On yellow days, the kids can have a banana, pineapple juice, yellow-colored gelatin or food packed in yellow containers.

Get your kids excited to eat by cutting fruits or breads in different shapes. Observe how chicken nuggets in the market became popular with kids because the nuggets were cut and cooked into shapes, numbers, moon and stars.

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