What to Expect in Camp Chateaugay

For parents who want their kids to enjoy the summer through camping, getting them registered in Camp Chateaugay would be a great idea. Located on the north shore of one of the lakes in Adirondack, this camp serves as a playground where children could engage in a variety of activities, such as creative arts, trips, and different sports. It includes a lakefront stretching a quarter-mile, along with 50 acres of land.

One of the best things about Camp Chateaugay is that you get to choose your own schedule. The staff doesn’t require anyone to get into any activities, other than swimming in the Chateaugay lake, which would most likely be something that everyone would like to do. The camp will assign two activity periods, while younger campers will have three. Each individual will engage in the activities along with others in the same cabin. Once they’ve already chosen their desired activities, they will then be given 3 or 4 electives for each day, which will depend on how old they are. Choosing the electives will be done every start of the week. While the kids have the privilege of selecting the activities they want to do, the instructors of Camp Chateaugay will train them so they could excel in those particular fields.

The campers will be staying in cabins with bathrooms and showers included. For every cabin house, 2 to 3 members of their staff resides to check on around 10 campers, who will have their own cubbies for keeping their valuables.

As for Camp Chateaugay’s staff, they are experienced not only in camping, but also in their own fields, so they could efficiently help develop the campers’ skills and talents in their chosen activities. You may also find that some of their staff have once been professional athletes, so you could ensure that they could train your kids well enough. The senior staff unit leaders, on the other hand, are backed by college counselors.

The feedbacks coming from parents have been generally positive, where some even regret not having their kids stay for a few more weeks in the camp.

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