A Trip to See the Galapagos Tortoise

I have just viewed a couple of sights found around the Galapagos Islands and read some about them in a magazine. I don’t know what exactly struck me, but after even just seeing those pictures, I somewhat felt that me and my family should go there. So to make our trip more memorable, we planned on having a Galapagos Cruise so we could relax and enjoy ourselves while we’re on our way to the astounding cluster of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean.

But though I’ve already seen in paper what we need to see in the actual place, I felt the need to do a simple research about other places and things amazing within the archipelago. Knowing that we’re about to spot some giant tortoises in the area, I suddenly became more excited. I’m not really the animal-lover type, but they were said to be the biggest among all known tortoise species and I’m about observe these 800-pound creatures along the way.

Of course, I had to pick among a series of Galapagos Cruises that will bring us to places that would be most enjoyable not only for me, but also my family. Then I found this Galapagos Cruise Ship, the Galapagos Explorer, which I thought was an excellent choice where we get to stay in a suite. And this was the perfect cruise ship because we will be able to eventually see those lean and mean tortoises once we get to visit the Galapagos National Park.

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