See Your Opponent’s Faces With Online Poker

There is a big difference between playing poker with the actual players in front of you and online. And if you’ve gone through a number of poker tournaments only to find yourself sitting in front of the computer facing only the overhead view of the table while playing online poker, the poker face, where the game is derived from, simply dies out.

If, however, you want to relive this experience online, the best site to do this is Face Up Gaming. Created by a couple of individuals who were fed up playing online poker because of the lack of the in-game experience that real poker gives, the site offers a feature where all of the players could view their opponents’ faces during the game. This, of course, greatly improves how everyone will play, since they could see the mannerisms, the looks, and the reactions of each player in every move that they make.

You could even join an online poker tournament for free once you are a monthly subscriber, and you could win a large sum of money depending on the type of game you are in. Free online poker video training is also offered by the site, aside from the different poker games that  include Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit Hold ‘Em.

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