Busan, Seoul

“ An nyoung ha sen yo”, say “Hello” to Busan. Busan is a popular place for filming movies and TV series. It is a home to some of the largest film studios. Busan is roughly 450km southeast of Seoul and 150km northeast of Japan’s main Islands. This city has a great road network, bus and subway system, thus, smooth ride is ensured upon touchdown at the airport.

It is also recommended to travel via train as its efficiency and network is comparable to Singapore’s MRT. By summer, this city hosts events like the Arirang Yachting Championship and the International Performing Arts Festival. Dining? Best breakfast in Busan consists of rice served in hot beef soup with small dishes of pickled vegetables (kimchi). You must also try eating live octopus first dipped in sesame oil so it won’t stick. Korean barbecues are perfect also and are served in a place just behind the Grand Hotel.

When travelling to Busan, don’t forget to try swimming in the open sea of Haeundae-ku during October mornings since the water’s not too cold and don’t forget to bring home their unique and yummy Lotte chewing gum in sesame seed flavor. It is time to invade Asia!

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