Write It Down

Before flying off to my destination of choice, I always make sure I did my homework. I always log on to sites showcasing the highlights of the place, write it down and rate accordingly which best part is often visited and go for it first.

Just like our summer trip to the Northern part of Luzon. The place we went to was a well-preserved one, traditional and quiet. It was a province of known tourist spots, however, the hotel we checked in was situated farther away that before the scheduled day of our tour, I and hubby made sure our daughter would have some other nearby places to visit aside from the known ones. I wrote down all those on my journal long before we reached the place and for sure it was of great help to me. I didn’t have any hard time exploring and didn’t miss any of the nice spots—not even parks and historical elements of the place.

If you don’t want to waste your precious time in getting confused where to go in a new place during your trips, list down things to see as you might bound to spot interesting fraction of the entire place. So take it from me— do your homework!

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