Check ‘n Cheap

If booking a room in a regular hotel in your place of destination is way out of your budget, why not seek for less expensive yet safe and clean accommodations? Months before our planned trip to Manila, I have already booked a safe, clean yet a cheap condo unit in Pasay City. With only php1, 200 per night, the place was equipped with a well-functioning air conditioner, a fridge for your food storage, a heater and shower in the bathroom, cable television, two equally spacious rooms, a kitchen with dining table and a cozy living room. The building itself has its elevator so you won’t have a hard time taking the stairs with your luggage and bags along with you. This place was referred to me by my colleague. It was a nice place as it was accessible to the railroad stations, bus and jeepney terminals for easy access to the city’s famous tourist spots. Another certified cheap travel tips from me—definitely neat and cheap!

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