American Idol

American Idol’s 1st runner up Jessica Sanchez was today’s talk of the town. She is an Asian-Mexican-American teenager who made her way to stardom. She was a very talented singer, versatile as she can sing different genres of music yet was not able to take home the title as the American idol. Various speculations existed why she didn’t win the contest as to racial discrimination due to her being mix blood.

Well, whatever issue there is, still Jessica‘s #1 among the Filipino community. Infact, Filipino fans even created signages bearing Jessica’s name on it though obviously America is at the other end of the world. Jessica is a true symbol of Filipinos’ determination and perseverance in achieving impossible dreams. She was among other Filipinos who made their respective names in different industries outside Philippines with their own version of inspiring stories. Thus, being a Filipino is one best thing to be proud of. Be proud To Be PINOY!

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