Instant Body Massage

Here we go again…I and hubby with our little daughter went around Metro Manila, getting to tourist spots on jeepneys and on feet. Hehehe…Yes, we walked a lot around the place taking pictures like a pro. Funny it may seem but we had saved a lot of our cash and spared ourselves from few of dishonest cab drivers yet, ended up with aching leg muscles. Haha! It was tiring but inspiring. We had a great bonding moment, laughing together on our mistakes and that we had exercised our individual skills like memorizing map directions, train stations and speaking tagalog while asking information. Well, I and hubby were certified wanderers including our little girl who does not complain on having long walks. Of course with aching muscles, whole body massage was our last wish. Walking along the second floor of Manila’s famous oceanarium, we bump into one of the talking agents of a newly introduced massage equipment on display. He was persuading us to avail of his product and asked us to sit down and relax while trying their whole body massage including the one-of-a-kind foot massage FOR FREE! It was a 20-minute relaxing moment for us. That was instant! We were actually relieved and re-energized without spending a single peso. Great and wise, right?

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