SMILE Magazine

SMILE—Cebu Pacific Air’s official publication. Upon boarding Cebu Pacific Air vessel bound for Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, passengers were all welcomed by the cheery crew and was offered the SMILE magazine for reading while onboard. SMILE magazine is published exclusively on behalf of Cebu Pacific Air. It is a very nice magazine full of travel saving tips, places to visit in the Philippines and abroad, where to dine and how to get there. This magazine features getaways that suits people of all ages; moms, dads, teens and friends and lets you take your own pick from an array of domestic destinations especially during summer wherein promises of unforgettable vacations wait to be experienced. This mag also features different activities that go well with one’s respective interests, the increasingly popular watersports for example and where to find the place and get there. For those who wanted to discover new interesting places, this magazine will surely help you as it uncovers the beauty of mysterious places. If you are also itching to travel internationally, no doubt this paper would serve as your tourist guide. This magazine also feature the airline’s more saving tips by their slashing of airfares every now and then. Well, the essence of traveling is not how much you save but how happy you feel after the trip. So just SMILE!

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