Five Inches Off My Waistline

B-E-L-T-S. Did I spell it right? Haha! I am not referring to seismic belts or the Kuiper belt of the solar system here but I am talking about ordinary belts used to tighten loosing jeans and pants. Yes! Loosing… because I’ve squeezed enough fats out of my system which makes me need belts this time. I could not do a day without using one. Loosing almost 5 inches off my waistline means a whole lot of hard work for me. I haven’t noticed this change not until people around me often ask how I did it, since I was just having fun doing my afternoon brisk walk and run the oval at times with my daughter tagging along on her scooter.

I also played tennis with my husband once a week and sweat it off on the treadmill when the weather outdoors won’t allow me to go for a walk. I’ve been into jazz dancing too lately since our dance troupe will be having a dance presentation and we need to practice 3-4 hours on daily basis for 2 weeks now. Doing these exercises brings me to eat less than my usual food consumption, probably because I was exhausted and been drinking lots of water in between activities which then makes me full. I used to have slender body structure but gained much weight after giving birth to my daughter.

I had an adult onset of hypertension and episodes of tachycardia, a condition of an excessive rapid heartbeat, typically regarded as a heart rate exceeding 100 beats per minute. I was also told to lose weight giving that I still want to conceive another baby after my ectopic pregnancy last year. Well, good to know I’ve lose much weight and trimmed down the excess flabs off me. This is overwhelming on my part and that finally I can utter these words after long period of waiting: BRING ME THE BELTS!

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