Family Tree

Spending time with family is incomparable. I was glad our clan has decided to conduct an annual summer reunion. Last weekend, I went with my parents and siblings to a family gathering. It was so overwhelming to see familiar faces, old and young ones and even new members of the clan. I was able to know my roots. I even got to know my grandma’s cousin! Of course, they’re still healthy and alive. I was so amazed! What interests me so much was the reading of our family history and tracing our family tree. Wow! It was the first time I knew of my great, great grandparents’ names! I was so astounded. It was good to know where your genes came from. Upon knowing my roots, I felt decoded. I was able to map out the bloodstream I have had. Now, I won’t have a hard time filling in the missing names on my family tree diagram. Well, a tree’s genes tell what shape its leaves will be, thus, indeed, this is the family tree!

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