Psychic Kids, for real?

It was Saturday night and had nothing to do; I turned on the television and scanned for interesting channels when a show caught much of my attention. “Psychic Kids”. This is a reality TV show on Biography channel talking about kids with extraordinary abilities. I had goose bumps and was scared but continued watching it. Well, being psychic supposedly are persons believed to be sensitive with nonphysical or supernatural forces, or perhaps, one that can perceive people’s unexpressed thoughts or foresee the future. This thing is so complex that even science cannot explain.

As I said, it was nonphysical. But what interests me so much is that, they were just kids. This TV show had helped children with extraordinary skills to show up and be more confident as they were too scared to deal with their abilities making them withdraw from the society and suffer countless sleepless nights. These kids also had tendencies to breakdown after absorbing so much supernatural forces implying different emotions. Their parents don’t know how to deal with them since they too cannot believe if their kids really are telling the truth. I am still in doubt of believing their stories but somehow trying to consider a bit of truth, after all, it shows in their faces and their reactions on variable situations where they were asked to interact with spirits and exercise their ability in a manner which they are the ones controlling the spirits rather than them being controlled by the said. Whatever the viewing public feels about this show, I am undeniably hooked and been watching it up to now—with my room’s lights on, of course!

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