When Too Much Cleanliness Gets Bad

Sanitation is one of the many advancements of Modern Science. It calls for everyone to be hygienic knowing that people all over the world, regardless of what status of living you belong or what country you come from, are now more aware of the significance of cleanliness. Though some would disregard its importance, others would do it beyond what is expected. Did you know that too much cleanliness can also be bad? Yes, this is the downside of it. According to a Hygiene Hypothesis, being “too overly clean” means lack of exposure to natural microbes in the surroundings which cause our immune system to not fully develop. With undeveloped immune system, one can build up allergies such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, etc. Our immune system has to be exposed to these radicals in the environment to make it stronger, function well and protect us upon “re-exposure” to said allergens. As it was often observed, children living in farms are less likely to acquire allergies be it respiratory or skin diseases as they are often exposed to our environment. Yet, it is still best to stay clean but not do it overly. As they always say: “too much of something is bad enough.”

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